I’m a professional Architect with substantial experience accumulated over 30 years in IT and related disciplines. In my early career, I had extensive experience in applications development, and have gone on to have significant involvement in business liaison roles, the design of enterprise scale solutions and the development of strategic roadmaps. I’ve managed both small and large projects, and have provided Solution and Enterprise Architecture competencies. Additionally, I am heavily involved in fostering worldwide EA communities of practice through activities such as special interest groups, webinars, conferences, and specialist publications. I am currently the Enterprise Architect for a large construction company.

Why am I involved with Architectural Thinking?

As someone who is constantly looking for opportunities to learn from the experience of others, I’ve found a number of disciplines that have complementary use in the field of Organisational Change. These include Enterprise Architecture, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Lean, Agile and a number of others.  I’m also very keen to find the pragmatic use of of this knowledge, rather than the tendency to obsess over frameworks. What I’ve found in the Architectural Thinking Association, is a multi-disciplinary group of passionate, experienced and pragmatic professionals that understand that it isn’t a case of which discipline is better, it’s about how we complement each other to drive meaningful and lasting change.

Some of the Things That I’ve Done

  1. 30 years working with organizations to improve their operation through effective use of technology.
  2. Founding member of the Enterprise Architecture Specialism Advisory group for the Australian Computer Society.
  3. Conference Committee member for the 2013 Australian Enterprise Architecture Conference.
  4. Conference Chair for the 2015 Australasian Enterprise Architecture Conference.
  5. Chair of the EA Special Interest Group for the Western Australian branch of the Australian Computer Society.
  6. Awarded the first ever Australasian EA Excellence Award in 2015.
  7. Hosted the Australian leg of the world’s first 24 hour Architecture Conference run through IASA Global.
  8. Numerous webinars, meetings and articles.
  9. Editor and advice columnist for the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal.
  10. State and national judge in the Australian IT Innovations Awards (iAwards), recognizing the amazing members of Australia’s innovation ecosystem.

More About Me

You can learn more about me at my LinkedIn page or follow me on Twitter.  You can also find some great content on the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal and the associated Twitter account.