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Architectural Thinking defines a small set of maps that are valid for the entire enterprise. The maps enable informed decisions at any level of the organisation. They can be used for strategic decisions by top executives as well as for capturing more detailed solution architectures at team level. The maps are linked in a way that allows traceability from the enterprise-wide to the solution level.

Architectural Thinking only provides maps that have proven to be valuable in many companies and have been accepted by business people and executives. The maps are based on the artifacts of the architectural model.

Here are some examples:

  • Strategic Theme Map
  • Value Stream Map Levels 1 & 2
  • Capability Map with various heat mapping viewpoints
  • Capability Cost Map
  • Application->Capability Map
  • Technology Map
  • Business Object Model
  • Application Interface Map
  • Solution Context Map

Architectural Thinking comes with detailed, practicable cookbooks that explain how to model these maps.

Architectural Thinking Maps compared to Maps of existing Approaches

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