The Architectural Thinking Framework®

The Architectural Thinking Framework® is a truly open, lightweight architectural framework that is based on the experience of many practitioners.
Everybody is invited to ->edit or make change suggestions .

The Architectural Thinking Framework® has the goal to ensure that all the solutions of a company fit together in order to balance the dimensions

– customer value
– finance
– sustainability

in a way that maximizes the overall value from an enterprise-wide viewpoint in the short and the long term.

It consists of four Parts.

Architectural Thinking is not a process or discipline. Instead, it makes use of a content-oriented framework that defines artifacts and their relations that need to be created by various processes (such as strategy, governance or solution development). The Architectural Thinking Framework® enables consistent, connected, company-wide structures that ensure traceability from business vision to technology implementation.

It is lean enough for Agile but works as well with classical project management methods.


The Architectural Thinking Association®

The Architectural Thinking Association® is a non-profit, registered association according to Austrian law. Its goal is to spread the values and ideas of Architectural Thinking. It does this by:

– permanent improvement of the Architectural Thinking Framework® driven by open participation;
– publications in journals, speeches at conferences of various communities;
– creation of training material for public use.

Values of the Architectural Thinking Association©

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