Architectural Thinking Newsletter April 19

Architectural Thinking Newsletter April 19

Architectural Thinking Newsletter April 19

Now, half a year after founding the Architectural Thinking Association®, it is time to communicate the current status to the growing community.


What have we achieved so far?


(i) We’ve built an interdisciplinary Leadership Team

I am very happy that we were able to build a strong, interdisciplinary ->Leadership Team. It consists of six renowned people from the fields of Business Strategy, Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Design, and Agile Solution Development and myself.

We are convinced that interdisciplinarity and openness is the only way to solve the problem we want to solve and accomplish our mission. In our monthly calls, we have been discussing our mission, the target audience, the way we want to bring incredible benefits to those customers and the small but well-designed core concepts of the Architectural Thinking Framework®

It is astounding what happens if you discuss Enterprise Architecture (EA)  related topics in a group that consists not of EAs only. Each of us has his/her specific point of view on the same problems. Things that are clear and easy to understand for experienced EAs can be hard to fathom for people not so keen on bloated EA frameworks and meta-modeling. We are sure that our discussions will lead to a version 1.0 of small, well-designed Architectural Thinking Framework® that is appealing for every discipline that deals with structuring the business and to an interdisciplinary network that will spread our vision and integrates the core concepts into their work.


(ii) Our Community is growing

In March we had thousands of visitors on, and hundreds of registered blog readers. Around ten people commented on our wiki pages


(iii) We’re getting invited to give presentations and workshops about Architectural Thinking

A really cool thing is that we’re getting invited to give presentations and workshops. It is a great way to make the money we need to pay for our servers and graphic designers and to spreads our vision.

What are the next steps?

  • We continue our work on Mission/Vision/Customers/Values
  • We try to bring in thought leaders from various disciplines (like Business Analysis, Service Design, Innovation, Scaled Agile, Project Management, Data Governance…) and let them participate in our vision
  • We create a small standard Architectural Thinking slide-deck to be presented at conferences of various disciplines
  • We plan to release Version 1.0 of the Architectural Thinking Framework® in 2020


How can you help right now?

Comment on the current draft of the content we created with the Leadership Team

Comment on the current –>draft of the Architectural Thinking Framework®

Ask questions or share your ideas via

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