AT#44 – Architectural Thinking Newsletter Oct19

AT#44 – Architectural Thinking Newsletter Oct19

AT#44 – Architectural Thinking Newsletter Oct19

The Architectural Thinking Association® celebrates its first birthday! A lot has happened in this year, and plans are getting clearer and clearer, so – let’s have a look at the results we’ve achieved so far and at our next steps:

We’ve built an interdisciplinary Leadership Team

I am happy that we were able to build an active, multidisciplinary ->Leadership Team. It consists of seven renowned people from the fields of Business Strategy, Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Design, and Agile Solution Development. In our monthly calls, we discussed our mission, the conceptual foundations of Architectural Thinking, and future steps.


We’ve created a mission statement that we really like…

…and believe that it is compelling to our community. It took us five months and lots of discussions until we came up with a mission statement for the Architectural Thinking Association®. More details about what this mission means to us and what content we think we need to create to proceed on this mission will be discussed in one of our next blog posts.

We started to set-up the organization we need to proceed on our mission

As our community grows, we need to set up a formal organization that is able to administrate the association, make decisions, and elaborate on on the conceptual foundations, including the feedback of the community. The constitution of the Architectural Thinking Association is still work in progress. The current status includes the following organizational elements

  • Executive Committee: (5 people) manages the finances of the ATA® and does the administrative work
  • Content Team: (7 people) elaborates the conceptual foundations of Architectural Thinking and the Architectural Thinking Framework®  incorporating the input of our growing community
  • Advisory Board: (approx. 20 people) reviews the content created by the content team every quarter, spreads our vision into their networks
  • Users: in 2020, we will start our pilot user program where companies will be starting to apply the current draft of the Architectural Thinking Framework® and provide feedback.

If you want to apply for the Advisory Board or as a pilot user, please ->email us.



Our current roadmap

We plan to create a significantly improved draft of the framework and a pilot user program next year. Feedback of this pilot user program will be included in Version 1.0 of the Architectural Thinking Framework® in 2021.

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