I am the founder and President of the Architectural Thinking Association® and a lateral thinker and visionary with a passion for challenging state-of-the-practice concepts from new and exciting viewpoints. I’ve been working in the field of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Business Architecture in several large companies in Austria for twelve years now. In addition to my job as a lead IT Consultant at iteratec in Vienna, I am a recognized speaker at various EAM conferences and author of several publications in journals in Germany and Austria. I teach a “new way” of EAM at Donau University Krems.

Why am I involved with Architectural Thinking?

Many disciplines and their communities try to provide answers to the challenging questions of digital transformation. Having a closer look at the major publications of those disciplines, I was astounded by how weakly interwoven their core concepts are. A common “language” between disciplines does not exist. For me, this is a major reason why companies transform into something more innovative and adaptive only slowly – way slower than analysts expected a few years ago. It is my deepest conviction that bringing disciplines together is the missing catalyst and only key to true business agility.

Some of the Things That I’ve Done

  1. I started my career in 1992 as a software developer at IBM
  2. I led several large projects in the financial industry as a project manager (yes! waterfall!)
  3. I’ve done > 10 consulting projects in the field ofEAM and Business Architecture over the last twelve years
  4. I worked in several agile implementation projects as a Scrum Master and Business Analyst.
  5. In summer 2018, I took a five-month break to read 50+ books and 200+ article on EAM and all relevant surrounding disciplines to become able to create the first draft of the Architectural Thinking Framework®
  6. In September 2018 I founded the Architectural Thinking Association® and launched architectural-thinking.com

More About Me

You can learn more about me at my LinkedIn or XING page or follow me on Twitter.
Please feel free to contact me at wolfgang.goebl@architectural-thinking.com – we are quite open for any feedback and discussion!