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Intersection20 Conference

2020-11-10 - 2020-11-14


The Great Summit

This is Intersection20, the 7th global conference about Enterprise Design. We bring together a global community with the shared ambition to design better enterprises. Join a virtual learning summit along with your peers to discuss and discover how we achieve this.

As we tackle the global crisis, one thing becomes obvious: we need better enterprises, now more than ever. To do more than just survive; to deal with disengagement, to repurpose capabilities and find new opportunities, to avoid irrelevance and build resilience.

Beyond the next startup, product or project, this is about architecting enterprises that pursue a purpose, perform to deliver on their promises, and establish and maintain good relationships with their customers, staff, investors, and other actors. We aim to innovate and transform enterprises and their ecosystem relationships, across public and private sectors, and with actual outcomes at scale.

How? This is our topic at The Great Summit. We will climb together to the peak of current enterprise design practice: first familiarise ourselves with the essential equipment during the Basecamp Sessions guided by seasoned designers, then begin two intense days of Climbing, being inspired by leading thinkers and getting real during case study sessions and the masterclasses. After our descent, we’ll apply what we learned in our own environments and share it at our Reunion.

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