Portrait of Milan Guenther at a conference

I am a founding partner at Enterprise Design Associates, a global network of strategic designers working with enterprise ecosystems. We work with large companies such as SAP, Boeing, Toyota, international organisations like the OECD and the UN, as well as smaller organisations and scaling startups. I have a mixed background in design, tech and business.

Why am I involved with Architectural Thinking?

I believe that we need to design better enterprises: institutions, organisations and businesses in their ecosystems. I am also convinced that this is only possible using an approach that looks at the whole rather than isolated parts, from different perspectives, exploring relationships, structure, and behaviour in a holistic and systemic fashion. Since over 1O years, I am engaged in the Business and Enterprise Architecture community to bring this thinking into the Design disciplines, and go beyond better products and services. To do so, we need to make our models, insights and tools fit together through applied Architectural Thinking.

Some of the Things That I Do

  • In 2009 I co-developed a concept for helping commercial pilots find their way, patented by Boeing as the Data Driven Route Strip.
  • In 2010 I gave my first public talk in English about Enterprise Design at IRM’s Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe, and couldn’t stay away since then.
  • In 2013 I published the book Intersection, introducing the Enterprise Design Framework for doing holistic design at scale.
  • I map and model enterprises, customer experiences, product and service designs, processes and capabilities using the Enterprise Design Modelling Language.
  • I’m one of the organisers of the Intersection Conference series on Enterprise Design, running annually since 2014.
  • I also work as a Google Expert for Product Strategy/Design and Design Sprint Master with startups helping successful companies to tackle key issues at scale using Enterprise Design Sprints.
  • I teach Enterprise Design at SciencesPo Paris, School of Management of Innovation, in a Master program for Digital Innovation and Transformation with Strate School of Design and Télécom ParisTech.

More About Me

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