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AT#56: Enterprise Architects – Broaden Your Field of Vision!

AT#56: Enterprise Architects – Broaden Your Field of Vision!

The typical career of enterprise architects (EAs) starts with IT-related studies. EAs then move from software engineering to software architecture and finally to EA. As a logical consequence, EA is still driven by an engineering mindset even if some EAs have moved to the field of business architecture. You can feel the rational, analytical approach to design enterprises in almost any diagram or map created by EAs – quite often ugly but precise. Read More

Is Enterprise Architecture Dead?

Is Enterprise Architecture Dead?

Today I want to discuss a blog post that originally appeared on Jon McLeod’s blog who argues that enterprise architecture is dead.

My point of view?

Yes. And No.

Yes, the old-school enterprise architecture, focusing on IT architecture only, not being curious for the fascinating things that happen at the business side is dead.

No, enterprise architecture as

  • a collaborative effort of business & IT people
  • who want to design sustainably adaptive enterprises together
  • that have a shared purpose

is about to emerge out of various disciplines like enterprise design, enterprise architecture, strategic management, agile,… Cool things are about to happen!

Enjoy! And… please share your thoughts on this provocative statement as a comment or per ->email. Read More