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AT#6: Enterprise Architecture is not TOGAF

AT#6: Enterprise Architecture is not TOGAF

Today I want to point to an article of Svyatoslav Kotusev, an independent researcher, who questions whether the Open Group Architecture Framework® (TOGAF®) is the industry standard framework that enterprise architects really deserve.

In light of these findings the growing popularity of TOGAF® can hardly be attributed to the real usefulness of its advice, but rather to a lack of any better alternative sources on EA.

The Architectural Thinking Framework® wants to become an alternative, open source on EA that is based on the real-world experience of many practitioners.

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AT#2: Demystifying Enterprise Architecture

AT#2: Demystifying Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is still a mystical discipline, ruled by vague frameworks, surrounded by the fog of bloated concepts providing only little practical advice.

Let’s hand over to our friend, Nemanja Kostic who provides a humorous overview about the state of the practice. He makes suggestions that discuss how to demystify Enterprise Architecture,. This suggestions are quite compatible with our vision of Architectural Thinking.


What you should do:

  • heavily downsize the architecture meta-model. Focus your models and maps on value streams, capabilities, business objects, applications, technology components. It is enough to build a great! enterprise architecture practice.
  • build a lean but strict governance that welcomes the architecture work of many members of solution teams.
  • get out of the ivory tower. Sell the idea and significance of architecture to your agile teams and to business people.

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